IV Administration Sets

Gravity and Pump-Compatible IV Infusion Sets

Health Line’s IV Administration Sets help healthcare professionals reliably administer IV therapy to patients throughout multiple areas of care. Used to administer IV fluids and medications to patients intravenously, our Primary, Secondary, and Extension IV Administration Sets come in a variety of lengths and configurations to provide clinicians with multiple options for superb patient care.

We manufacture and distribute a variety of IV tubing options to meet needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) Administration Sets

The Health Line Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) Administration Set is designed for ease of use and promotes accurate delivery of drugs introduced closer to the patient’s IV access.

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IV Administration Primary Sets

Health Line offers DEHP-free IV Administration Primary Sets with multiple Y-site connection options that are gravity and pump compatible.

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IV Administration Secondary Sets

Available in a two different lengths and configurations, Health Line’s IV Secondary Tubing Sets enable secondary infusions through a primary IV set.

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IV Administration Extension Sets

Health Line’s IV Extension Sets are used to increase the length of a primary infusion set and are available in a variety of lengths and configurations.

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IV Administration Sets FAQs

IV administration sets are used to administer IV fluids and drugs to patients.

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Easy and Efficient Infusion Therapy

We manufacture and distribute high-quality, affordable IV administration sets trusted by healthcare providers worldwide.