PICC Lines

Single, Double, and Triple Lumen Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters

Manufactured and distributed from our facility in Utah, Health Line’s power PICC lines are designed with both function and patient comfort in mind. Our standard PICC line kits come in a variety of configurations to provide nurses, doctors, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals the tools they need to safely administer intravenous therapies and deliver exceptional care to patients of all ages.  

Explore Health Line’s adult, pediatric, and neonatal power PICC line options in our MST and Max Barrier kits.


The SYNERGY CT PICC™ combines the ease and efficiency of PICC access with power injectability in multiple PICC line kit configurations to provide healthcare practitioners with an array of intravenous therapy options.

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SYNERGY CT PICC™ Line Max Barrier Kit

Health Line's SYNERGY CT PICC™ Max Barrier Kit follows CDC and INS guidelines and includes all the components healthcare providers need for catheter insertions.

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Synergy-XS CT PICC™ Line Kits

Health Line's 3Fr single lumen and 4Fr dual lumen Synergy XS CT PICC™ line kits offer the same ease and effectiveness as our popular SYNERGY CT PICC™ line kit with the advantage of giving clinicians more options for pediatric patients.

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A peripherally inserted central catheter, or a PICC, are catheters placed peripherally with the tip of the catheter located in the lower 1/3 of the superior vena cava (SVC). PICCs can remain in situ for extended periods of time (30 days or more) to administer medicine that cannot enter the body in a peripheral vein.

They are used in both the hospital and community settings. PICCs can be used for intravenous delivery of total parenteral nutrition (TPN), chemotherapy, antibiotics or other medications, and can also be used for blood sampling if the lumen is 4 French or larger in size.

PICC lines are placed by a variety of people in the healthcare industry. Radiologists, doctors, nurses, PICC teams, and traveling PICC teams all place PICC lines in a variety of insertion methods.

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