Vascular Access Devices

Central Venous Access Devices for Intravenous Therapy

Health Line is a leading manufacturer and distributor of vascular access products for healthcare providers worldwide. From power PICC lines and CT midline catheters to CVCs, hemodialysis catheters and IV administration sets, our high-quality vascular access devices enable doctors, nurses, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals to safely administer infusion therapies while ensuring patient comfort.

We offer an array of vascular access devices in multiple kit configurations to meet patient and clinician needs.

ProV Midline ST

Health Line’s ProV Midline ST is a suitable choice for patients requiring longer cannulation, and whose treatment regiment includes frequent blood draws, power injection cycles, and multiple infusions within 30 days.

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Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) Administration Sets

The Health Line Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) Administration Set is designed for ease of use and promotes accurate delivery of drugs introduced closer to the patient’s IV access.

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The SYNERGY CT PICC™ combines the ease and efficiency of PICC access with power injectability in multiple PICC line kit configurations to provide healthcare practitioners with an array of intravenous therapy options.

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SYNERGY CT PICC™ Line Max Barrier Kit

Health Line's SYNERGY CT PICC™ Max Barrier Kit follows CDC and INS guidelines and includes all the components healthcare providers need for catheter insertions.

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Synergy-XS CT PICC™ Line Kits

Health Line's 3Fr single lumen and 4Fr dual lumen Synergy XS CT PICC™ line kits offer the same ease and effectiveness as our popular SYNERGY CT PICC™ line kit with the advantage of giving clinicians more options for pediatric patients.

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Health Line CT Midline Catheter Kits

The Health Line CT Midline Catheter is intended for short-term peripheral access for patients needing 5 to 7 days of therapy and eliminates the need for multiple needle sticks.

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CT Midline Max Barrier Kit

Health Line's CT Midline Max Barrier Kit follows CDC and INS guidelines and includes all the components healthcare providers need for standard, safe, and easy catheter insertions.

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ORION™ Central Venous Catheter Kits

The Health Line ORION™ Central Venous Catheter kit includes a non-tunneled catheter designed for reliable, short-term access to the central venous system. The ORION™ is available in a variety of sizes and lengths.

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CASCADE™ Permanent Hemodialysis Catheter Kits

Intended for long-term implantation for dialysis and apheresis therapy, the CASCADE™ 13.5Fr hemodialysis and apheresis catheter kits allow high flow rates and decrease patient therapy time.

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Eagle Flow™ Temporary Hemodialysis Catheter Kits

The Eagle Flow™ non-tunneled polyurethane dialysis catheter kits come in a range of lengths and kit configurations and are intended for acute dialysis and aphaeresis therapy.

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IV Administration Primary Sets

Health Line offers DEHP-free IV Administration Primary Sets with multiple Y-site connection options that are gravity and pump compatible.

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IV Administration Secondary Sets

Available in a two different lengths and configurations, Health Line’s IV Secondary Tubing Sets enable secondary infusions through a primary IV set.

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IV Administration Extension Sets

Health Line’s IV Extension Sets are used to increase the length of a primary infusion set and are available in a variety of lengths and configurations.

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