Midline Catheters

Power Injection Midline Catheters for Short-Term Infusion Therapy

Health Line’s CT Midline Catheter kits come in both single and double lumen configurations to meet patient needs for short-term intravenous therapy. In addition to improving patient comfort by negating the need for multiple needle sticks, our midline IV doesn’t require an X-ray after insertion. Our CT Midline Catheter kit is specifically designed for MST insertion and our CT Midline Max Barrier Kit provides everything healthcare professionals need for safe and efficient catheter insertions.

Discover Health Line’s midline catheter kits for superior short-term intravenous therapy options.

ProV Midline ST

Health Line’s ProV Midline ST is a suitable choice for patients requiring longer cannulation, and whose treatment regiment includes frequent blood draws, power injection cycles, and multiple infusions within 30 days.

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Health Line CT Midline Catheter Kits

The Health Line CT Midline Catheter is intended for short-term peripheral access for patients needing 5 to 7 days of therapy and eliminates the need for multiple needle sticks.

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CT Midline Max Barrier Kit

Health Line's CT Midline Max Barrier Kit follows CDC and INS guidelines and includes all the components healthcare providers need for standard, safe, and easy catheter insertions.

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Midline Catheters FAQs

Midline catheters are used for peripherally-compatible infusions in patients with a prescribed duration of care of less than 30 days. Midline catheters are inserted peripherally and the tip is located below the axillary region distal to the shoulder.

ProV Midline ST Catheters FAQs

A "mini midline" catheter is a shorter version of a midline catheter, which is a type of
intravenous (IV) catheter used to access a patient's veins. Mini midlines are typically designed for specific situations, such as when a shorter catheter is needed.

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Easy and Efficient Intravenous Therapy

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