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Vitamin C Infusion Therapy for COVID-19


  1. Eli Richardson

    I found it interesting when you mentioned how vitamin therapy comes with more effective results. Recently, my wife and I moved into another area, and we realized there’s a lot of dust and pollen around. We get sick very easily, and we think it’d be a good idea to get more vitamins in our bodies, so we’ll be sure to look into it. Thanks for the information on vitamin therapy and its health benefits.

  2. Mia Evans

    It’s interesting to know that infusion therapies will be able to give higher concentrations of Vitamins to activate the immunomodulating properties in our body. I guess it would be best to undergo this type of treatment if you are at risk for the virus during this pandemic. It’s to ensure that you will not get severe symptoms that can lead to getting confined in a hospital for long.

  3. Thomas Clarence

    It was interesting when you mentioned that IV therapy is the fasted way to optimize vitamin C levels in your body. As far as I know, it is important to get more vitamin C in your body when you are sick. It seems like it would be a good idea to get IV therapy when you are sick.

  4. Olivia Smart

    Thank you for explaining how IV Vitamin C therapy works. I didn’t realize that it could help that much. It seems to be an effective treatment.

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